Improper installation

You pay thousands to have your roof replaced, and within 10 years, it is failing! This is a common and aggravating feeling many homeowners deal with. The National Roofing Contractors Association states, “47 % of premature roof failures can be attributed to poor workmanship.” They also say the biggest cause is a natural disaster, such as storm-related damage like wind and hail.

Austin Cowell of QE Roofing states that the most common premature roof failures are poor ventilation, not replacing flashings at the time of re-roofing, and nails backing out. Often ventilation is an upgrade on an estimate. When customers are looking for ways to save money, they choose not to install proper roof ventilation. Soffit vents are just as important as roof vents. Proper shingle roof ventilation will have twice as many input vents as it has roof vents. This will allow the entire roof surface to be cooled properly. One-way contractors cut cost is to not replace step flashings. The materials are fairly cheap but it can be very time-consuming. We see many homes in Franklin, Spring Hill, Columbia, Nashville, Smyrna, Nolensville, and Murfreesboro that have been roofed several times and the flashings appear to be original to the home. This usually coincides with the type of siding on the home. Vinyl and board siding make replacing the step flashing much more difficult. Often these types of siding are nailed through the step flashing. Sometimes, the siding must be removed to replace the flashings properly.

These costs add up, and unfortunately, when contractors cut corners, these are often the things they don’t do properly. Lastly, nails backing out of the roof decking cause holes in the shingles. Water will enter through the nail hole and can cause hundreds, if not thousands, in interior damages. This is often a result of two things. One is excessive moisture in the attic due to poor ventilation. (Soffit and roof ventilation) Many homes are constructed with OSB & Plywood, and when there is excessive moisture in the attics, these products soften and rot. This is directly related to nails backing out of shingles. If roofing contractors took the time to educate themselves and customers on manufacturer specifications, it would prevent many of the poor craftsmanship we see. We say, “You have to inspect what you expect because everyone is suspect.” Having full-time onsite managers ensure that all roof components are being inspected properly. Unfortunately, in most areas of TN, no permits are required to re-roof a home. This means there is also no one other than the company installing the product to ensure they installed to product to code or manufacturer’s specifications.

We strive to provide a superior product and install it properly. Contact QE Roofing for a thorough evaluation of your roof system. This includes the attic, ventilation, and roof flashings. We take the time to inspect your home, educate you on issues, and go over the installation of all products we would be installing. If you are in Franklin, Spring Hill, Columbia, Nashville, Smyrna, Nolensville, and Murfreesboro and need help with your roof system, contact QE Roofing.

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