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We are a proven Roofing Thompsons Station TN that specializes in natural disaster restoration. We have experience with all types of roof systems across all building types including: commercial, industrial, offices, hospitality, distribution centers, retail centers, educational, multifamily, religious facilities and residential. 

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Roofs are one of the most important things to be well-maintained on your own home. They can last for a few decades, but chances are they don’t last that long because of conditions that come to play like algae formation, unstable weather, strong winds, and deteriorating quality due to non-usage of durable materials.


QE Roofing is your partner for your roofing needs. We team up with reliable roof manufacturers to make you sure get the best services as your reliable Roofing Contractor Thompsons Station TN. From small fixes to full roof replacement, we make sure that you get the best roofing services ever.


The common signs that you need to take note when it’s time to replace your roof are:

-When your roof has reached 20-30 years old. Some roofs may not even last to even 15 years.

-When there are a lot of tears and small holes. 

-When there is a growing number of moss, algae, or mold forming


If ever one or two of these signs are now present on your roof, then you need to repair or replace it soon. Contacting QE Roofing is not a hassle as we are available any time and any day to cater to scheduled or emergency roof repairs. If ever you require a quote or an estimate for your roof, you can give us a call and we will be right with you.


As experts of Roofing Thompsons Station TN, we know what’s ideal for your roof and ideal for your home. We can adjust our pricing to match your budget. We understand our clientele and make sure that every roof service we do for you would be worth the money spent.

Roof Repair Nashville TN & Middle TN
Roof Repair Nashville TN & Middle TN
Roof Repair Nashville TN & Middle TN
Roof Repair Nashville TN & Middle TN
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Why Choose QE Roofing


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We know what’s essential for your home. Over the past years, we grew concerned about the complaints from various residences in the area; where they reached out to so-called professionals to replace or repair their roofs—only to find out that they were scammed and got subpar results in the end.

When it comes to any roofing work or service, QE Roofing is the right place to reach out.


We continue to improve our service every day – We are more than just any roofing contracting company. We value you, our clientele so much that we continue to grow and conduct research to make sure we give you the most excellent services in the Tennessee area. We are very professional in what we do.


We use advanced tools and equipment – for us to get the job done, QE Roofing uses the latest and advanced tools and equipment for all your roofing needs. Not only is our work faster, but you can also be sure that your roof’s all patched up when it’s done.


Experienced Team – As mentioned, we work as a team, and we value you the most. Our team has years of experience in roofing and construction that we are confident that we get the job done no matter how small or big the roof problems are. We can handle anything!


Honest Work – Since we are dedicated roofing professionals, we value honest work in everything that we do. We give you the right quotes and the prices on the materials and services. Aside from our great professional work, we are confident that we do things honestly and truthfully for you.


We Use High-Quality Roofing Materials – We have partnered up with top manufacturers in the Roofing Thompsons Station TN and construction industries to make sure that what we place on your roofs are legit, authentic quality, and built to last.


We match roof color and style – Our roofs are like a crown to your home, and we don’t just pick and place roofs. We also make sure that the roofs that we choose are to your liking—from color, style, and texture. Replacing or repairing a roof costs a lot of money so we make sure that we choose the rooftops that you like and would make your home a head-turner in your neighbor.


Easy to Reach and Contact – We are ready to serve Tennessee with any roofing service that you need. Our clients are free to reach out to us for a free quote, as well as check out the roof on-site for inspections.


We work together with your Insurance Company – Bad storms hitting the country are inevitable and very much out of our control. Since we value our clients, we are happy to coordinate together with your insurance company to make sure you and your family will have a newly replaced roof the soonest.

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With very positive ratings from our previous clients as well as an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, QE Roofing is your reliable roofing partner in Tennessee. It’s about what you leave the stress of roof repairs and replacement to us and prioritize the things that are more important to you and your family. For any roofing repair and replacement, be sure to contact us today for a free quote!