Varmints causing roof damages

Squirrels and raccoons may be cute, but having them near your home may cost you thousands. If your home is in Franklin, Spring Hill, Columbia, Nashville, Smyrna, Nolensville, College Grove, or the Murfreesboro area, then you’re in squirrel and raccoon habitat. These cute animals have long been TN residents. We at QE Roofing are often called out to repair the damages these animals cause to roofs. These animals are enticed by the dry and warm conditions a home attic provides and will often chew through roofs, siding, soffits, and fascia to get in.

We have helped homeowners over the years varmint-proof their roofs. This usually starts with installing drip edge around the perimeter of the roof. This “L” metal is mounted to the roof decking and overhangs the fascia board. There is often a gap between the roof decking and the fascia board.

Another common repair is removing lead pipe flashings and installing plastic or neoprene pipe flashings. Squirrels like to chew the lead pipe flashings. This will cause immediate leaks.

We also install metal flashings at the roof / soffit junction. There is usually a 1-2” gap where the soffit meets a shingle roof. Squirrels can easily get through a 1.5” gap. These inexpensive repairs may save you thousands in home damages due to varmints.

If you have varmints that have already entered your home and are now calling your attic “home,” contact a varmint removal company. These companies will set up ethical traps to catch and then later release the animal in the wild. Cutting back trees, tall shrubs, and vegetation from your home will make it harder to get in your home, but if you suspect a problem, contact QE Roofing for a free roof inspection. We are happy to identify points of entry, provide repair options and quickly complete any needed roof repairs.

We strive to provide a superior product and install it properly. Contact QE Roofing for a thorough evaluation of your roof system. This includes the attic, ventilation, roof flashings, and varmint entry points. We take the time to inspect your home, educate you on issues, and go over the installation of all products we would be installing. If you are in Franklin, Spring Hill, Columbia, Nashville, Smyrna, Nolensville, College Grove, or Murfreesboro and need help with your roof system, contact QE Roofing. Call 615-505-7663 today for a free roof evaluation.

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