Is your roof repairable?

When are shingle roofs considered non-repairable? This is a common issue that roofing contractors face. Austin Cowell of QE Roofing in Franklin, TN, explains how his company makes this determination. Over my 18 years of roofing experience, I have learned to use several factors to help make this decision.

First and most common is a brittleness test. This method includes using a flat pry bar to gently separate the shingle above and below the shingle you are trying to remove and replace. To properly repair a shingle, you will need to remove the nails from the shingle you are removing and also any shingles that are overlapping that shingle.

Once the shingles are separated, you will need to lift the shingle above several inches to imitate or make a repair. This would include holding the above shingle and driving a nail into the new shingle you are installing. When the above shingle relaxes back to its original position, inspect the top of that shingle for any granular loss, cracking, or breaks. If there is any apparent sign of granular loss, cracking, or breaking, the roof slope would be considered unrepairable and would need to be replaced. The reasoning behind this is: if you are causing damage to other shingles in the repair process, then you are not accomplishing a better outcome.

Also, on older roofs, the surrounding shingles you separated will need to be sealed down to prevent wind blow-off. The older shingles will not reseal on their own. This will now be maintenance on your roof. Since the new sealant used to seal the older shingles down is not original to the roof, it will need to be checked in the future to ensure the shingles do not unseal.

Another way to determine if your shingles are repairable is to inspect the shingles you separate for bitumen or mat transfer. When shingles are manufactured, the asphalt and granules are embedded on a fiberglass mat. If these materials dislodge or transfer when separating the shingles, the roof should be considered non-repairable, and the slope should be replaced.

We often see shingles repair attempts that cause more damage than good. This is a waste of money and may compromise your roof’s integrity. Hiring seasoned professionals like QE Roofing will ensure you get an honest opinion on repairing your shingle roof.

We strive to provide a superior product and install it properly. Contact QE Roofing for a thorough evaluation of your roof system. This includes the attic, ventilation, roof flashings, and installed shingles. We take the time to inspect your home, educate you on issues, and go over the installation of all products we would be installing. If you are in Franklin, Spring Hill, Columbia, Nashville, Smyrna, Nolensville, College Grove, or Murfreesboro and need help with your roof system, contact QE Roofing. Call 615-505-7663 today for a free roof evaluation.


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