Our Residential Process



Initial Inspection

This is a free, no-obligation storm damage inspection where a representative will check the entire home for wind and hail damage. They will check the roof, siding, gutters, decks, awnings, fences, storage buildings and rest of the property.

Upon establishing that there is wind damage or hail damage, the representative will make a digital video of all damaged areas. Once this has been completed, the representative will sit down and discuss their findings, answer questions and address any concerns that you have.

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We meet with your Insurance Company

Once we have signed the Customer Protection Form we will meet with your insurance companies representatives onsite. During these meetings we want to work with them to ensure all damages and aspects of the construction project are included in the claim.

Select Materials

Once the repairs are approved by your insurance company we will meet to select roofing material color, material delivery placement, and discuss production details.

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Delivery of Materials & Inventory

Once the material is selected, the order is placed in our production department. One to two days prior to the work commencing, the materials will be dropped according to your instructions. Your sales rep will be out to check that all the materials are there to expedite your construction process. If there is anything missing, he will notify production and it will be delivered promptly.

Roofing Process

Materials will be delivered a few days in advance. (Material placement will be agreed upon with the property owner)

  • Property owner will be contacted to confirm production dates
  • Crew will arrive close to 7 - 8 am
  • A trailer will be placed in the drive way upon arrival.
  • Landscaping and decks will be covered with tarps
  • The roof will then be removed down to the decking.
  • After the roofing has been removed, we will inspect the decking for rotten wood.
  • Drip edge will be installed around perimeter of the roof
  • Ice and Water shield will be installed in the valleys. This is a 36” wide membrane, to prevent any potential leaks.
  • Synthetic underlayment of felt paper will be installed.
  • Starter strip will be installed around perimeter of roof.
  • The new shingle will then be installed and nailed with 4-6 nails per shingle. (Depends on Shingle Type)
  • All plumbing pipe flashings, vents and metal edging will be replaced as per the Agreement. Vents will be replaced per insurance coverage. All metal edging will be inspected & replaced as necessary.

After the roof is completed, the gutters will be cleaned out, the driveway and side walks will be blown off, and we will roll the perimeter of the structure with a magnetic roller.

Any leftover materials will be stacked and picked up the day after the construction is completed. We order extra material to prevent any hold ups in production.

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step 06

Final Inspection

Upon completion of the repairs, a production manager will complete a roof audit to make sure everything is 100% complete and correct. At this time, a representative will pick up payment and warranties will be issued.

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