Dead Leaves Pose Major Issues For Middle Tennessee Homeowners

We are extremely fortunate to live in an area full of beautiful trees, many of which tower over our homes. However, as inspiring as this majestic site may be, the beautiful colors of autumn can quickly turn into a major hassle for your home as soon as the leaves begin to fall.

Roofers throughout the Franklin, TN, area know that homes, especially those with low-sloping roofs, may see a major buildup of dead leaves, limbs, and other debris. This can trigger serious drainage issues, including blocked gutters. A clogged gutter is not only not fun to clean, but backed-up water can easily leak into your home.

Many roofers throughout the Franklin area also report an excess of moss and weeds on roofs where decaying leaves are allowed to linger. Why? Leaves are organic material, and they are high in nutrients. If a squirrel or bird drops a seed, dead leaves act like soil, leaving ideal conditions for weeds (and even small trees) to take root and grow in clogged gutters or in corners of the roof where this material has been allowed to accumulate.

Another problem associated with excess leaves and limbs lying on the roof is that bugs and other pests have plenty of places to hide. While the bugs hanging out on your shingles may not necessarily want to eat your roof, if moisture is allowed to build up underneath the decaying leaves, the wood below your shingles isn’t far behind. At this point, bugs may consider your roof just another piece of rotting wood they can use as a place to burrow.

So, what is a homeowner to do? Your Franklin roofer recommends getting leaves off immediately. If your property has a low-sloping roof, a ladder and a leaf blower can do wonders. However, those with a high pitch may require a leaf rake. Homeowners are also encouraged to trim any low-lying branches and, if they are building on a property with mature trees, build far enough away so that leaves don’t fall directly on the home in the wind and rain.

If you notice mold or mildew starting to show on your roof, your roofer also recommends using a highly diluted bleach spray and calling in a roof maintenance and repair expert for further assistance.

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