What To Do When You Find Damage To Your Roof

Depending on where you live, storms may be commonplace, or they could be a rare occurrence. Regardless of the frequency, one thing remains true, and that is that even mild storms can cause damage to your roof. We recently sat down with Franklin, TN-based roofing repair company QE Roofing to find out how to spot possible damage and what to do if you find it.

Q: What are some signs of roof damage?

QE Roofing: If you have an asphalt roof, one of the first signs of damage after a storm is peeling, curled, or missing shingles. Similarly, your roof may also show indentations or pockmarks if your area experiences hail. If it’s still raining and you cannot yet go outside, take a peek in the attic. If you see moisture or dripping water, then your roof has been compromised.

Q: How quickly should I call for roofing repair?

QE Roofing: Before you call your roofer, and if you can safely do so, take steps to minimize damage now. Secure a tarp to the roof to cover holes. If you can get into your attic, place a bucket directly under the leak and clean up any standing water so that it does not seep into your ceiling. You also want to pay close attention to the weather, as Franklin, like the rest of Tennessee, can experience storms frequently, and you do not want to get caught on the roof during rain or lightning.

Q: When should I contact my insurance company?

QE Roofing: As soon as possible, but only if the damage would exceed the cost to pay your deductible. Minor roofing repair can often cost less than what you would pay your insurance company in the first place. If you live in the Nashville area, including in Franklin or Thompson Station, QE Roofing can send out a roofing expert to give you an estimate.

Q: What are some possible consequences of waiting for roofing repair?

QE Roofing: It is always best to repair damage as soon as possible. If not, your home might, at minimum, become a haven for allergy-causing mold and mildew. More alarmingly, roofing damage can result in water intrusion that can reduce the integrity of your home’s foundation and structure. Left alone, minor roof damage can grow quickly, and you may find that you need a complete roof replacement.

Q: How do I find an honest roofing repair company?

QE Roofing: First and foremost, be aware that scammers and “pop up” roofing companies will come out of the woodworks after a storm event. Chances are, someone will knock on your door and tell you that your roof is damaged and needs immediate repair. Although this might be true, look for a company that has a reputation in your community. Do your diligence, and don’t just choose the cheapest service provider. Consult your friends and family, read online reviews, and look at before-and-after photos of their work before you make a selection.

If your home has damage, call the roofing repair experts at Franklin’s QE Roofing today. QE Roofing is available for roof repair, maintenance, and other roofing services to homes in the Middle TN area, including the following cities: Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Nolensville, Spring Hill, Thompsons Station, Smyrna, and Columbia.

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