Spring Is Near – Is Your Home Ready?

Your roofing and gutter systems require just as much time and attention during your spring cleaning efforts as your kitchen and bath. Fortunately, it’s not as intimidating or difficult as you might think to get your roof ready for the rainy season.

DIY Roof Inspection

You don’t have to be a roofing professional to take a quick peek at what’s covering your house. If you can see from the ground, great. Look at your shingles to see if anything is missing. You’ll also want to keep an eye out on shingles or flashing that might be bent or damaged. If you see anything that looks off, make a note so that you can address your concerns if you need to call a roofing repair specialist. If you live in the Franklin, TN area, QE Roofing can come out for free roof inspection.

Other issues to look for include rust, roof fatigue, and damage to other components. If you have a metal roof, plan to clean it off thoroughly to keep it in top shape. When you have a combination of wood/asphalt, pay close attention to algae and decay. The flashing (metal strips around your air vents and chimney) also needs a quick glance to ensure that it is in place and undamaged.

Sometimes, you can’t see all of the roof from the road. If you’re not comfortable with ladders, you can still get a good indication of if anything is amiss by walking around the perimeter. Look for pooling water or indications of dips and divots in the ground where water might roll off the roof. You can also look inside of your home to see if the ceiling is discolored. Don’t forget to check the ceiling in your guest room and other rooms you don’t frequent.

Great Gutters

Your gutters are just as important as your roof. Spend a couple of hours clearing them of dirt and debris, which may have accumulated throughout the late fall. To get started, make sure that you have all of your supplies. This should include a pair of heavy rubber gloves and something to scrape up heavy leaves, if applicable. Ideally, you’ll also have someone on the ground keeping the ladder steady that can also handle the water hose once you have large debris removed. When you live in Franklin, TN, you probably have lots of trees in your yard. Spring is a great time to consider gutter guards to reduce clogs later on.

If you maintain your roofing and gutter system well, you can help prevent damage to your home’s foundation and structure. It doesn’t take all day, and a DIY roofing and gutter inspection should be a part of your spring cleaning efforts every year.

Let the professionals at QE Roofing help you keep your roof in top shape with the free roof inspection for homes in the Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Nolensville, Spring Hill, Thompson’s Station, Smyrna, or Columbia area.

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