How Can My Roof Lower The Temperature In My Home?

Tennessee’s sweltering summer heat and humidity can make our air conditioners work double time. This can quickly lead to a skyrocketing electrical bill, but there are ways that you can cool your home off without putting added strain on your HVAC. It starts with your roof.

Roofing Repairs

According to residential roofing experts, one of the best ways to reduce heat inside of your home is to make necessary roofing repairs. This includes adding proper roof ventilation and making sure there are proper soffit vents. Remember, your roof is supposed to form a seal over your attic. If it’s not in top shape it could be costing you money. Further, replacing damaged shingles can improve your home’s curb appeal. QE Roofing is happy to provide you with a free roof analysis.


Roof color will determine the roof’s surface temperature. If your home gets constant sun, you might want to reconsider dark gray or black shingles and instead use beige, light gray, or another lighter option. Fortunately, when it comes to color, there are plenty of residential roofing options available. QE Roofing offers a full line of residential roofing materials, including architectural and laminated shingles.


Your walls and attic are not the only places to put insulation. Residential low slope roof insulation will help you achieve a higher R-Vaule. This keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Depending on where you live, the Department of Energy may even offer tax credits, special savings, or rebates for homeowners installing energy-efficient upgrades.

Roof Coatings

If you’re not ready to have a new roof installed and it’s already in good working order, consider a cool roof coating. You can choose from different types of reflective coatings, which are designed specifically for residential roofing applications. These liquid sealants are applied by a roofing contractor and start working immediately to lower your energy bills.


The average residential roofing system has a pitch of anywhere from 1:12 to 18:2. The steeper the slope, the more energy-efficient your roof will be. Talk to your roofing contractor about whether or not changing the pitch of your roof will help in your situation.

Nobody wants to pay more to keep their home cool, but energy prices throughout Tennessee continue to rise. Let QE Roofing help you keep your utility bills in check by installing, repairing, or maintaining your home’s roof.

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