Advice From Your Franklin, TN, Roofer: Get Rid Of Ice Dams Before They Cause Damage

Snow on the roof and icicles hanging from the gutter are a sure sign of winter. But, as beautiful as these are, they can cause more damage than you might realize. According to the roofing professionals at QE Roofing, ice, and specifically ice dams, can tear your gutters off, strip your shingles away, and even cause flooding, all when you least expect it. Each of these issues can cause thousands of dollars in exterior and interior water damage. 

It’s Possible To Prevent Ice Dams

There is good news, and that is that it’s possible to prevent ice dams in the first place. While most homeowners in the Franklin area, including those who live throughout Middle Tennessee in Nashville, Brentwood, Spring Hill, Thompson Station, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Nolensville, and Columbia, won’t have to go to these extremes, heated cables are a smart solution. Heated cables install similar to Christmas lights, but you have to get them up before Mother Nature turns a cold shoulder.

A Few Quick Remedies

If you ask your roofer, it’s best to prevent ice dams. But you can’t always do that, so it pays to know how to get rid of them quickly. Before you grab your hand pick or shovel, you should know that these are not an effective (or safe!) solution. 

Instead, grab a pair of pantyhose. You can fill these with calcium chloride-based ice melter. Your filled pantyhose can lay on the top of the roof over the top of the ice dam and overhang the gutter. Another solution is to use an roof rake to pull snow and ice off the shingles. Look for a model with wheels, which may help warm your roof up as you slide it across the top. The sooner you get the snow off the top of your roof, the more likely you are to prevent ice dams in the first place.

A Permanent Solution

When the Weather Channel is calling for a harsh winter, get ahead of the potential for damage by prioritizing your roof. Contact your roofer (QE Roofing is happy to help Franklin homeowners) and ask about ventilating, capping, and adding exhaust to the attic. You may also wish to better insulate your attic or install lights that help heat the roof.

Your roofer can also work with you to seal the flashing around the chimneys and ensure that every exit is caulked and clear of debris that may let cold air circulate.

Your roof is one of the most expensive components of your home to replace. Keep it safe this and every winter by eliminating ice dams before they cause a problem.

If you are looking for a new roofer, contact QE Roofing in Franklin today.

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