How To Measure A Roof For Metal Roofing?

After finally deciding that you want to use metal roofing for your new roof, you are probably wondering just how much material you need for your new roof. Actually determining the amount of metal roofing material you need will depend on the specific style and build of you roofing system. But, a basic method of measuring the dimensions of your home is done through the steps discussed below.

Basic Steps

The simplest way to start measuring your roof is to draw the entire structure. While the exact proportions don’t need to be accurate, the main purpose of the sketch is so that you have something to write your measurements on. Your goal is to keep the sketch clean and the lines bold and clear.

Aside from the general form of your roof, a few things that you need to include in your roof drawing are the overhangs, porches, and other roofing fixtures.

After you have prepared your roof sketch, here are the specific steps that you need to follow to measure your roof.

Step 1: Roof Length

Take your measuring device and find the length of the roof from one outside edge to the other edge. You only need to get the exact length from one end to another. Get these measurements on the other edges and write down your findings on your roofing diagram. When writing down your measurements, make sure that labels are clear; don’t forget to include the proper units of measurement, whether you decide to use the metric or IU system.

Step 2: Metal Panel Width Calculation

Since metal roofing relies on the use of fixed panel systems, you will need to know how wide the actual panels you plan to use are. Taking the length of the edge of your roof, you simply need to divide the total length of the edge of your roof to the width of the metal panels. This will help you determine how many panels you need to fit one length.

Step 3: Panel Lengths

On the other side of your roof, you also need to get the actual length of the fascia boards that are attached to the roof joists. This will serve as your basis to how many panes are needed lengthwise. You will also need to add in a 1-2 inch allowance for your roof overhang.

Important Reminders

A few things that you might forget in your diagram is the inclusion of other roofing fixtures like chimneys and skylights. In this case, measuring the placement of the chimney from one side of the structure to the edge of the roof will help you know where you need to cut the panels prior to installation.

If you also plan to install the same material on your porches, which is recommended to give your entire roof some uniformity, these areas should also be appropriately labeled.

After determining just how many panels you need, you will also have to know the numbers for other materials like fasteners, joists, and other things you need to build the interior support of your roofing system. Unfortunately, determining these numbers will take more than just knowing the right measurements of your property.

These are variable, depending on the exact style and design of your roofing system. For these, however, you will definitely need a skilled roofer to help you out.

When installing a metal roof, having a skilled roofer work on your property will ensure that everything is installed optimally. When roofing materials, especially metal panels, are not installed the right way, this could lead to problems such as leaking or uplifting, which basically need to be repaired. This means you’ll end up spending more in terms of materials and labor.

You also need a skilled professional to do the measurements and installation of a metal roof since the process can be dangerous. Measuring alone will mean that you need to get up on your roof. If you are not careful, you could only end up slipping and hurting yourself.

Another alternative would be to use metal roof shingles instead of metal panels. These shingles are installed through a similar method as asphalt or vinyl shingles. However, when it comes to metal roofing, the use of standing seam panels is most popular due to the many benefits that come along with standing seam panels. For the most part, standing seam metal panels are the most durable of all current metal roofing options.

In the end, the measurement of your roof will require precision and accuracy. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your safety is the priority. If you opt to do the measurements yourself, make sure you have a friend to help you out and that you also have the right tools and materials to measure your Roofer Franklin TN.

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