TPO or Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a single-ply reflective roofing membrane that is constructed from the fusion of ethylene-propylene and polyprophylene rubber that is polymerized fused together. Typically, this is in a mechanically attached system or installed fully adhered that allows the exposure of the white membrane during the lifespan of the roof. In the year 1989, the very first TPO roofing membrane sheet was installed. Since that time, TPO in millions of square meters have been installed all over the world.

In warmer areas, the use of the TPO roofing membrane became attractive as it has more cooling degree days compared to heating degree days whenever cooling equipment is also used. Since the TPO membrane reflects UV radiation the roof is allowed to stay cooler whenever it is summer. This can help in reducing the overall amount of carbon emissions and minimizing the costs of cooling.

Sustainability and Reflectivity

There are numerous organizations and companies that seek out for the TPO membranes’ environmental benefits. In Woodbridge, Ontario, The Earth Rangers Center (ERC) installed on their headquarters the UltraPly™ TPO roof. This is now one of Canada’s most energy efficient buildings that operates at less than 9kWh for every square foot. It also uses 90% less energy compared to other buildings that have the same size. The provision of TPO of the reflective roof that works in tandem with solar panels and skylights allowed the ERC to reach sustainability at an impressive level.

TPO Today

Nowadays, TPO is the market’s fastest growing commercial roofing membrane. It grew from 23% to 41% in the U.S. for only seven years. 

Ever since the first UltraPly TPO roof got installed in 1996, there are now approximately 4 billion square foot of Ultraply TPO installed all over the world.

TPO: 100% recyclable

TPO is a material that is 100% recyclable. However, because of the long-life cycle applications it is often used in and the nature of the material, the recycling stream is not as strong as expected. Despite this, there are certain markets that are now discovering ways to repurpose and recycle the material so people could eventually save money.

In the past few years, numerous TPO manufacturers began programs for the education of the process and benefits of recycling TPO to both building owners and roofing contractors. The recycling of TPO reduces our carbon footprint, offers financial incentives, and saves the environment.


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