Shingle Roofing

The roof covering that consists of individual overlapping elements are called roof shingles. These rectangular shapes are typically flat and are laid in courses starting from the roof bottom edge going upwards. Every successive course overlaps the joints underneath. Various materials are in use for the creation of shingles. These are plastic, metal, slate, wood, flagstone, as well as composite materials like asphalt shingles and fiber cement. In Europe including some parts of Asia, ceramic roof tiles dominate and they are often called tiles. In the United States, roof shingles are a highly common roofing material. However, they need to repel more water compared to wall shingles and deteriorate faster.


Offers and Discounts for Homeowners


Our company pays a referral fee of $100 to any full roof replacement. We also provide $250 off military discount on full roof replacement.

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