Our company is a trusted residential roofing contractor that provides metal roofs as a beneficial alternative to the use of asphalt or tile shingles. This incredibly durable and light metal entails minimal requirements and expenses in maintenance which could be highly beneficial for residential homes.


Metal roofs provide enhanced weather resistance and durability to every home. Aside from this, the material is also naturally lighter compared to slate and tile which is why the process of installation is easier and more efficient. Moreover, it is possible to place it over any existing asphalt shingles.

The use of a metal roof can bring an addition to your home that can provide energy savings and is environmentally friendly. Since metal roofs are also fire resistant, your home can be so much safer. In case your home is close to the beach, we recommend the standing seam roof to make sure that sea salt would not affect or corrode the material.

Materials and Styles

We have residential metal roofing systems that range from aluminum, steel, and even copper. This may depend on what you want to achieve in terms of function and aesthetics. The following are the most common metal roofs that are currently on the market:

  • Aluminum

  • Copper

  • Corrugated Metal

  • Standing Seam

  • Steel

  • Tin



Not only do metal roofs bring durable material to protect your house, but they are also energy efficient and cost effective. At QE Restoration, we offer metal roofing as one of our residential roofing services. We also complete our residential metal roofing projects on time and on budget—every time. Contact us to learn more about the best metal roof installation available.


Offers and Discounts for Homeowners


Our company pays a referral fee of $100 to any full roof replacement. We also provide $250 off military discount on full roof replacement.

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